A dear friend Monica B
Is as smart as one can be
A PhD in Physics
For 20 years, has been teaching kids
But making YouTube videos she dreads
“They have to be perfect
As my colleagues all over the globe will watch my act”

I was a sales guy for 15 years
Am a 57% engineer
4 years washed down in beer
Fed up of corporate a-holes
Hollow hyperboles
I learnt Physics, ab initio
And uploaded + 300 YouTube videos

Now I am not an internet sensation
Have only friends and students in my subscription
But at times I wonder
While wifey blasts me/my life asunder
“ Why Monica B’s YouTube career is zippo
While I upload my one legged Physics lectures with such gusto?”

“The answer” my son said “ is Dunning–Kruger”
(he can read my mind?)
As he pulled his head out of the computer
“You, dear daddy,
belong to a set of people with low ability
who happily overestimate their capability
But people like aunt Monica B
are a set of smart people
whose intelligence is their biggest liability “

I threw my laptop at his head
As the kiddo fled
That much I had to agree
Judging oneself day and night
Is a sure way to snuff
that holy creative light!

I teach Maths/Science & learn Photography/Writing. Google #isequaltoklasses for more.