Judgement and Creativity are two different processes…It’s not possible to Judge and Create at the same time. Defer forming opinions until the end of the process.

Rod Junkins — The Art of Creative Thinking

Of all the advise I have gathered about creativity , I like this the best.

I take it so seriously that I don’t even look at the screen as I type the first draft. I keep punching the keyboard like a whatsapp GIF. No spelling corrections , no punctuation mark, no paragraphs , …Nothing stops me sir — as stopping is bad juju.

In my mind, I’m a pristine mountain stream gurgling with joy.

It’s only once the initial fury is over — that I invite the “super-ego” to take charge of the mess. But by then, I usually have what I was looking for. Or what I never intended!

movie screenshot

I am learning photography. For every photo I upload on Instagram — I shoot 20/30 photos. When I start clicking scene A — at times, a completely different angle appears. And when I am editing , there are times when I discover a element C that was never supposed to be there. For example, a sunrise or an interesting passerby in the background . That surprise element C can give an entirely different perspective to the shot.

Trust this process for serendipity

Now if this true for photography —it’s true for writing too.

Type like a mad man…hoping that the “Id” will throw up some interesting stuff. And trust the process enough — so as to catapult you into an entirely different territory.

6 times out of 10 — you’ll have something interesting in hand .

Heck if it worked for Columbus — it’ll work for you too!

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