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“So what have you learnt in 2020?
I ask Sonny, as he switches channels on TV
“2020 was Interstellar tesseract scene, poppy”
chimes Sonny

“Tesseract scene?
You mean where McConaughey is throwing books on screen?
In the bedroom library?”
I query

“Yes, dear poppy
Corona is books Nature is throwing
To tell her child what she’s doing
Achtung Baby
Your future is dicey!

This planet is barbecuing
We need to be slowing
Be mindful of our insatiable consumption
And show gumption

Be thankful for what we have
Be thankful for freedom
Corona is actually a beacon

Be mindful of simple…

Aristotle — Wiki

If it’s a good thing — it’s free and simple !

For any kind of writing — a blog, a poem or an article
be it hardbound or paper bound or Kindle
The best formula, my friend
is what good ol’ Aristotle’s recommend
All good writing is just
a Beginning, a Middle & an End.

If you can just keep this in mind
Line by line
Paragraph by paragraph
Chapter by chapter
No need of workshops or webinars or YouTube Gurus

Run a tight ship
Jettison all flotsam and jetsam
Yours is SEO and everything that’s in it,
And — which is more —
you’ll be an Author, my friend!

A dear friend Monica B
Is as smart as one can be
A PhD in Physics
For 20 years, has been teaching kids
But making YouTube videos she dreads
“They have to be perfect
As my colleagues all over the globe will watch my act”

I was a sales guy for 15 years
Am a 57% engineer
4 years washed down in beer
Fed up of corporate a-holes
Hollow hyperboles
I learnt Physics, ab initio
And uploaded + 300 YouTube videos

Now I am not an internet sensation
Have only friends and students in my subscription
But at times I wonder

Judgement and Creativity are two different processes…It’s not possible to Judge and Create at the same time. Defer forming opinions until the end of the process.

Rod Junkins — The Art of Creative Thinking

Of all the advise I have gathered about creativity , I like this the best.

I take it so seriously that I don’t even look at the screen as I type the first draft. I keep punching the keyboard like a whatsapp GIF. No spelling corrections , no punctuation mark, no paragraphs , …Nothing stops me sir — as stopping is bad juju.

In my mind…

As this article is all about colours — I have kept text to a minimum. Just keep scrolling and realise.

This will help you to understand colors to click better photographs, build a better design & understand how we get affected by subliminal influences.

The master’s life teaches us how to find “cubes”

Picasso Bull’s Head
Picasso Bull’s Head
Photo & Fact :

At first, this information baffled me as it flushed my long held prejudice into sewage. And then comforted me.

As a teacher, I used to categorize students as “ would do well in maths” OR “will do well in maths once hell freezes over”. But as years passed by, I met increasing number of students who managed to score well in maths, despite my prejudice.

Those gritty chaps just kept hanging on to maths like a dog does to socks.

That set me thinking. Most of the maths till high school…

To make yourself an interesting fella !

Charles Bukowski quote

…My nose bled like a juicy mango & turned the stream around me red…

Back in college days, while trekking through Himachal — we came across a beautiful stream. The 4 of us took off our clothes and started doing what teenagers will do…no, not that silly…getting wet down to our bones. After about 45 minutes when everyone’s teeth were chattering like crickets due to the cold water — we came out and got busy drying ourselves.

For some inexplicable reasons, the stream invited me one more time. I entered the stream again…

A gentle reminder to all “killer email list” marketers.

Tim Denning quote

The website promises to send you a e-book if you share your email. Or they will invite you to a free webinar in lieu of your email / mobile number. And then will send a barrage of emails turbo charged with an automated service provider that will choke your inbox with promises of milk, honey and rainbows if you join their course (Hey, this will make you a millionaire in a month !).

Till you “Block sender and Mark spam” their mails.

Why? Because the world told them, “ Build a…

Or how to beat AI.

Feynman Quote
Feynman Quote
Richard Feynman quote

As a teacher, I find a student asking question far more attentive than one answering questions. Yes, there are students (like a younger me) who ask questions to measure up a teacher or just be the center of attraction of a class. But if you leave such students aside (and also the ones who neither answer nor ask questions :-)) — a kid asking questions implies a mind at work.

Usually, students don’t ask questions as they have “understood everything”.

Say I’m teaching how to calculate circumference of a circle. It’s a simple formula 2πr…

Quote by Richard Feynman

I think, as teachers, this is the last thing that we want to say (or admit).

Imagine you are standing in front of a class of 50 and you have to admit that you don’t know.

But whenever I have said this, three cases emerge:

Case A :

I find out that i am coasting on the job…i am taking things for granted…i am not polishing my skill set. I am not doing riyaaz

Say, I am teaching Optics. There’s a standard formula that is taught_ How to find minimum angle of deviation in a prism? I have been teaching…

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I teach Maths/Science & learn Photography/Writing. Google #isequaltoklasses, for more.

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